About Us


We do things a bit differently here at Pagnya. Our jewelry is handcrafted and designed in Los Angeles. Every piece is made with only the finest hand-picked gems and diamonds, and always made with solid 14 or 18 karat gold. We put love, a bit of magic, and positive vibes into each handmade piece.



Being a Los Angeles native, Tamara was exposed to many different cultures early on. Having a rich Armenian Lebanese/Cypriot heritage, she was always drawn to old world symbols. Some of her first memories of her travels include walking on the cobblestone streets of Rome, basking in the sun on the Amalfi coast, riding in Venetian gondolas, Island hopping in Greece, and taking taxi boats to amazing restaurants on the Bosphorus in Turkey. As her wanderlust grew, she continued her travels, often revisiting countries she fell in love with and exploring new countries such as Lebanon, Israel and the beautiful old city of Jerusalem.

Traveling to exotic countries and destinations all over the world, Tamara was inspired by the unique beauty surrounding her. From the bright shades of gold to the vibrant deep blues of lapis, Pagnya was born. Pagnya brings a bit of old world culture and historical symbols to LA, while keeping pieces affordable for everyone.