Queen of Pearls Necklace - 14 kt Gold - Tahitian Pearl - Women’s Designer Jewelry

  • $350.00

Queen of Pearls Necklace

Black pearls have always had a mysterious aura surrounding them; being both exotic and rare. It is believed that black pearls are a symbol of hope for wounded hearts, carry healing powers, and they protect the wearer from negative energy. In the olden days, black pearls were only worn by royals, earning them the nicknames of “queen of pearls” and “pearl of queens.”

This hand picked beautiful Tahitian Black Pearl on a solid 14 kt gold chain is a true gift of timeless luxury that will make you feel like a queen. 



Necklace comes in 18 inches. Free custom sizing to either 14/16 inches. Please note which size you prefer at checkout. For further customizations please email gldnhouseinfo@gmail.com.